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Olive oil hair conditioner

Olive oil hair conditioner is not a new invention. To use olive oil for hair is returning to times of sanity, before chemicals started to ruin our food, our body care products and our hair care products

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History and Background

For centuries people used natural oils and especially virgin olive oil to serve as hair conditioners. Extra virgin olive oil hair conditioner  is a perfect haircare solution; however after applying olive oil (or any other oil for that matter) the hair looks kind of greasy. The solution was always to leave the olive oil on the scalp for 30 minutes or so to act its miracles, and right after to rinse the hair with lukewarm water carefully and thoroughly. 

Late in the 1800s, "better and improved" chemical formulas were introduced to the market by vendors seeking a quick profit. This trend accelerated in the 20th century, many vendors tried to get a piece of the hair care pie, by "improving" hair conditioner and by aggressively advertise the "virtues" of the new products. The early products were surprisingly aimed to men, namely brilliantine and Makassar oil. The problem with both was the greasy look and staining of personal apparel. As an anecdote, a Victorian gentleman carried antimacassar, a piece of cloth to wipe off the Makassar oil. In modern days the main market is for women, and we wittness the very agressive advertisement to hair care products. Well, sometime the ancient practices work better, olive oil hair conditioner is still the best.

The purpose of hair conditioners

olive oil hair conditionerHair conditioners are there to take care of the hair, from the cuticles to the hair tips. Good hair conditioners improve the way the hair feels and the way the hair shows. Healthy hair is shiny, soft and manageable. Human sebum can take care naturally for all hair problems, however our modern life style expose our hair to sun radiation that dries the sebum, to polluted air that contaminate the follicles and to the harmful effects of "modern hair care products". Natural hair conditioners are better than hair conditioners that came from chemical factories, applying olive oil hair conditioner eventually heals the scalp and hair issues.

The best hair conditioners are based on natural oils. The oils mostly used are extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), jojoba oil and coconut oil, or a mixture of these oils. Fragrant natural essences are often added, however they are not really necessary. EVOO is the best because it is extracted by mechanical pressure only. The extraction of all other oils require either applying excessive heating or using chemical solvents (or both) . 

What is the illusions they try to sell you (instead of olive oil hair conditioner)

The cosmetics industry created a monster; industry is busy to develop "new improved" versions of hair care products, industry spends millions on "research" and billions on advertisement. Do we the customers need this sophistication? Aren't we better off with old style extra virgin olive oil hair conditioners and shampoos

Ingredients that can be usually found in commercial hair conditioners are: 

  • Acidifiers, to remove oil; simple rinsing with lukewarm water could have done the job. 
  • Antistatic, to repel static; moisturized hair will repel static anyway. 
  • Essential fatty acids (EFAs); this is really what is necessary and beneficial. Click to view my page on olive oil hair treatment
  • Fragrances; fragrances are not really necessary. If one wants to use them them, it is better to use natural herbal essences, artificial fragrances often contain unhealthy ingredients. 
  • Glossers; these are substances that reflect light. Your hair is not supposed to act like a mirror, better avoid them. 
  • Proteins; supposedly strengthen hair shafts. You may blend in fresh egg into EVOO to get similar results (I personally suspect the need of my hair to get proteins supplement nutrition anyway)
  • Lubricants (fatty alcohol and ingredients made of petroleum); more harm than benefits...
  • Moisturizers; EVOO is best to keep your hair moisturized and balanced  
  • Preservatives; to protect the organic ingredients?! 
  • ETC. ETC. ETC., ingredients that looks sophisticated and respectful, but are they necessary?  The simple application of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) can perform a better job for less money?

Olive oil hair conditioner benefits

EVOO, warmed up and massaged to the scalp and hair for 30 minutes is the best olive oil hair conditioner known to us. Apply the oil, wrap a warm towel over your head and rinse thoroughly. Your hair will look shiny and feel soft. You will get wonderful results at the fraction of the cost of commercial hair conditioner.

If you suffer from dandruff – EVOO will clear it. Same is true regarding scales (dead skin) and scratches on your scalp.

EVOO is a natural nutrient, rich in vitamins and rich in squalene. Squalene can monitor sebum excretion, it encourages sebum excretion on dry scalp, it suppress sebum excretion of oily air. 

EVOO is probably the best moisturizer for  your hair.

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