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Olive Oil for Hair Growth

Applying extra virgin olive oil for hair growth and for treating scalp issues is an effective treatment that was know and used for thousands of years

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DHT and hair thinning

The culprit that cause hair thinning is DHT (di hydro testosterone), an hormone. An enzyme in the follicles induces the conversion the male hormone testosterone into this form. DHT cause hair loss, more in men than in females. In males hair loss can reach partial or full baldness, in females the phenomenon is less dramatic. Hair loss is natural, the trouble starts when more hair strands are lost daily than the number of new hair strands.

Common scalp issues

Undesired scalp conditions are dry scalp, dandruff and itchy scalp feeling. Besides from the inconvenience they feel, many people react to scalp conditions by unknowingly scratching their head.

Healthy nutrition helps

The body reacts to nutritional deficiencies and to the presence of toxins. Skin, hair and scalp issues are symptoms. The body tries to detoxify and reacts to nutritional deficiencies, There are thirteen known vitamins, only five can be produced by the body the other eight must be supplied by the food we eat. Most important to skin and hair are vitamin E and vitamin A both can be obtained by consuming daily extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil also helps to detoxify the body. Best is to eat in compliance to the Mediterranean foods diet.

Olive oil for hair growth

Balanced nutrition must be enhanced by correct skin care and hair care. Using cold pressed (extra virgin) olive oil to gently massage the hair and shampooing with olive oil based shampoo are recommended.

Olive oil for scalp rehabilitation

Messaging the scalp on weekly basis or even 2-3 times a week with extra virgin olive oil will keep the scalp hydrated. Once not dry, you will feel the difference and you will not have the urge to scratch your scalp.

Olive oil hair and scalp treatment procedure

Extra virgin olive oil treats hair loss and scalp conditions in one treatment. Use your microwave to warm up enough olive oil (1 spoon for short hair, 2-3 spoons for long hair). You may choose other means to warm up the oil. Pour the olive oil on your palms, rub them together and use your palms to rub your scalp and to gently massage your hair. Use a brush to reach all hair strands. After that, put a bath cap or towel on your head and let the oil stay on your hair and scalp for about an hour. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water. Use olive oil based shampoo as needed. I found olive oil soap to work best for me.

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