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Olive Oil for Eczema Treatment

Olive oil for eczema treatment was tried and was proved to help in treating many eczema cases.

Eczema – a medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed with blisters which cause itching and bleeding. Oxford dictionary
The word eczema comes from the Greek word ekzein. ek = out, zema = boiling, ex-zein = boiling out

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What is eczema?

Eczema is a chronic skin condition. The symptoms are visible by others; the inflicted person suffers from itchiness. The skin looks patchy; the patches may be broken and cracked. Red and pink areas over the skin are the signs for an inflammation of the skin. The skin feels dry, scratching might result in thicker skin, and itchiness might be dependent on the time of day and on seasons. (night time, winter season and dry weather are usually worse off)

What are the causes of eczema

There are two main causes to eczema, it is assumed that genetics plays a role. The first reason is reduced oily barrier on the skin. The oily barrier monitors the rate of water loss, reduced oily barrier cause skin dehydration. The second cause is the immune system. Immune system that is overactive might release irritating chemical under the skin that cause inflammation.

People inclined to be inflicted are usually triggered at some time in their life by an external chemical or allergen. Once triggered, the eczema is there and it looks like a chronic condition. Stress and unbalanced nutrition increase the intensity of the inflammation.

Olive oil for eczema

Extra virgin olive oil can alleviate eczema suffering as a nutrition element taken on a daily ration and as a soothing skin message. Use only cold extracted extra virgin olive oil, refined olive oil contains additives that can re-trigger inflammation. Mediterranean foods diet is the best diet to balance the body. Healthy nutrition is a key factor in body and skin health.

Take a lukewarm shower and apply olive oil on the eczema areas on wet skin. This will well moisturize your skin and will nourish it with vitamin E. The antioxidants, abundant in olive oil will help the skin to reduce inflammation. You may add olive leaf extract to the olive oil you use.

Olive oil for treating eczema works because it first moisturizes the skin and restores water to the dried skin. Oily skin is less prone to eczema triggers in the environment. Next, olive oil reduces inflammation and provides the immune system a chance to go back to normal and stop its hyper activeness.

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