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Olive Oil Constipation Remedies

Olive oil constipation: intake of extra virgin olive oil is an ancient yet proven relief to bowels movement irregularities. How can olive oil monitor effectively metabolism?

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Constipation is a set of symptoms

Healthy body takes care of itself. The body kicks back to signal a physical distress condition by the phenomenon of bowels movements difficulties. Constipation signifies a mistreatment of the body in general and of the metabolism system in particular

What is constipation?

The accepted criteria for a chronic constipation condition are infrequent and irregular defecations, excessive trouble during bowels evacuation or the feeling after defecation that “something is still there”. Accompanied to that, one might have sleep problems, headaches and nervousness.

What are the causes for constipation?

The most common causes for troubled bowels evacuation are irregular daily routines, deficient and unbalanced diet, not enough physical exercise or mental stress.

Why not laxative treatment?

“Treatment with laxatives” is destructive in the long range, laxatives “treat” the symptom but not the real why. Eventually an addiction to the laxatives is incurred and the body will require an increasing dosage up to a point the laxatives are not effective any more.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Constipation Remedies

Olive oil is not a standalone magic

olive oil constipation remedyOlive oil is one major component in a daily Mediterranean Diet. Experience shows that combined with other healthy practices it is a good and efficient treatment to dissolve the constipation symptoms. The key to success is an holistic way of life that encompass a regular daily routine, balanced diet that includes fibrous food ingredients, enough liquids intake, physical exercises and relaxed stress less life. From my own experience, listening to the body is important. I found for example that eating fruits after lunch time irritates my stomach so I eat fruits only for breakfast. However, each body is individual and everyone must search what is good and what is bad for his or her body.

Olive oil is an important daily ingredient and a ration of 6 fresh (not cooked) teaspoons load of extra virgin olive oil taken every day can dramatically improve the metabolism system operation.

Olive Oil Constipation Recipes

The trick is to take fresh (not cooked) extra virgin olive oil in a way that is pleasant to palate and to the nose. Here are some ideas for tasty olive oil recipes. For all this recipes, the goal is to consume 5-6 teaspoons of olive oil

#1. Prepare your favorite salad and use olive oil based salad sauce. The best is to mix olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice. Keep a distance from most common salad sauces – prefer olive oil and lemon, with time you will love it. Another alternative is to eat Greek salad
#2. Mix olive oil and freshly squeezed orange juice in similar quantities and drink it right after preparation.
#3. Mix olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice in similar quantities and drink it right after preparation on an empty stomach.
#4. For courageous people, just swallow raw extra virgin olive oil directly not mixed with anything on an empty stomach

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