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Olive Oil Cleanse, colon cleansing

Olive oil cleanse is a preferred method for colonic irrigation. It can be your savior in case you suffer from intestinal problems. Here is a guide for an olive oil colon cleanse and more important than that how to avoid falling into this inconvenience again.

colon: the main part of the large intestine, which passes from the caecum to the rectum (Oxford dictionary)

gourment olive oil

Stomach AcheThe human body can heal itself from tough situation and it constantly and relentlessly tries its best to stay in a good shape. The body however must get the right condition, calm environment, regular daily regime, enough sleep and healthy food. If these conditions are offended the body develops warning symptoms. Unhealthy food, fast food, junk food (that contain trans fatty acids, carbohydrate and lower grade ingredients), canned food and not enough supply of vitamins and minerals from vegetarian source can trigger one or more the following symptoms: fatness, heartburn, constipation, feeling heavy and energy-less, tiredness, skin defects and non optimum hair condition. If the warning signals are not taken seriously and the body is further offended, the body kicks back violently and develops a more serious disease. The colon can be clogged and later on liver and gallbladder can be adversely affected. 

”No disease that can be treated by diet should be treated with any other means.” Rambam(Moses Maimonides), Jewish philosopher and physician 12th century

Reversing the dwindling spiral

Moses MaimonidesFirst step is to go on a healthier diet, preferably the Mediterranean food diet, eat less and drink a lot of mineral water. Avoid food with artificial ingredients, sugar, cakes, oily sauces and eat a lot of organic vegetables. Increase your daily physical activity or if you did not operate your body start to do it now. Maimonides said (translated from Hebrew: do not get agitated, eat less, and increase your body activity.

Next step is to actually do the olive oil detox stage, which is the extra virgin olive oil cleanse. Have your last meal of the day at 4 PM. Mix together half cup of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice (or orange juice) with half cup of extra virgin olive oil, let it rest for 15 minutes, drink it and go to sleep on your normal sleeping hour. Keep doing so for a few nights until you feel better.

How to stay in good shape

Once you got over the hump in your life make sure you don’t go back to bad habits and bad food. Best diet I know of is the Mediterranean food diet or any diet that is similar in concept. What helped me was that I identify any food that I feel sleepy, nausea or inconvenient after I eat it and avoid it. I also identified foods that I do not eat after lunch because they make my stomach feel heavy and disturb my sleep. You need to find this for your body, each body is different in its reactions.

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