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Olive Oil and Skin Issues Handling

Olive oil and skin health are interrelated. Our skin condition reflects the health of our body, one of the ways our body signals stress is through our skin. Skin issues are symptoms to body health issues. They signal deficiencies, overdose of harmful materials (toxins) or external irritation to the skin.

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Skin Rashes

Skin rashes are characterized by one or more of the following phenomena. Red irritating skin, bumpy skin, skin that looks like fish scales or shows visible cracks, dry and crusted skin. Scratching the rash can leads to lesions, therefore it is important to treat the crash as soon as noticed.

skin rashSkin rash is not beautiful to behold but more importantly it irritates. The skin itches with a feeling of burning; scratching the inflicted area only makes the situation worse. If the rash is caused by an irritant in the environment one needs to remove the irritating substance. If on the other hand the cause is from within the body then the skin rash is a symptom to an internal body issue. Olive oil can work miracles in many cases. It is the best skin moisturizer, it sooth the skin, it can heal and renew an inflicted skin; it nurtures the skin with useful nutrients such as vitamin E and vitamin A. I personally have a very positive experience with vitamin E treatment on lesions that seemed to be chronic. Extra virgin olive oil also includes antioxidants that are helpful for any inflammation. You can rub gently the rash area with extra virgin olive oil.

I recommend to stay on a balanced diet, the best diet to heal the body is the Mediterranean food diet. Rashes may be a symptom of detoxification efforts by the body, extra virgin olive oil can fight toxins effectively and it is a major ingredient in the Mediterranean diet.


Acne (from Greek acme), is what we see on the skin. It is important to know what happens under the top layer of the skin to gain better understanding what acne is. The skin has tiny sebum glands that excrete the sebum, an oily substance. The sebum normally gets out to the skin pores through the follicles. Hair also goes through the follicle to the surface. If when the follicle clogs, the passage of the sebum is blocked and the block attracts bacteria. The pressure bump the skin surface which now looks like a pimple.

Extra virgin olive oil acne treatment is beneficial. The belief that oily skin is the cause of acne is not a fact. The fact is written above, clogging of the pores. Olive oil can cleanse the pores and drain the clogged sebum. Olive oil is very similar to human sebum and it can supplant the dirty sebum with fresh clean sebum like substance. It contains squalene, material that monitors the excretion of sebum and brings the amount of excreted sebum back to normal. The treatment is in three phases. Wash the inflicted area; massage the area with using your fingertips with extra virgin olive oil and the last phase is to wash the area with olive oil soap.

If you would like more home remedies for acne then have a look at these all natural skincare homemade acne treatments .

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