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Olive leaf oil and other olive leaves products are derivatives of the olive tree. Olive trees are evergreen trees; olive leaves are small, leathery, green on one side and silver on the other side.

And the dove came to him in the evening; and, lo, in her mouth was an olive leaf pluckt off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth. Genesis 8:11.

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Health benefits of olive leaves

People all over the Mediterranean basin knew about the medical properties of olive leaves and utilized them. As of the 1920s, scientific research explored the unique chemistry of the olive leaf oil to isolate what make them so powerful as an herbal therapy.

Olive leaves contain an active phytonutrient (plants’ compound that shows therapeutic effect)called oleuropein (natural antibiotic compound unique to olive leaves). Oleuropein is very effective in combating bacteria and viruses, thus aiding the immune system. Oleuropein prevent viruses from replicating through interfering with their reproductive mechanisms in more than one way. By disbanding the lining of bacteria Oleuropein acts as a potent antibiotic. This phytonutrient also fight fungal induced unpleasant irritation as might be found in the vagina, on nails and on the skin

Olive leaves also contain anti-oxidants, thus helping to keep the cardiovascular system in a good shape or help an already inflicted person to reduce the adverse effect of the cardiovascular system situation.

Olive leaf products

olive leafs and olivesApparently, one can go out pick olive leaves from nearby olive trees and prepare a herbal olive leaves tea. I read testimonies from people in the LA area who did just that. However, olive trees usually belong to someone or the municipality, it might be considered by the owner as trespassing. Beyond, I’d not pick olive leaves from trees that might have been treated against pesticides or exposed to the polluted traffic of LA. Rather than that, olive leaves products in the forms of concentrated liquid, dried leaf tea bags, grinned powder and capsules.

Necessary precautions

For most people, oleuropein the active component in olive leaves is beneficial. However, side effects were reported on certain people. People who know they have lower than normal blood pressure, with diabetics might better not resort to the olive leaves products. For others, symptoms like headache, dizziness or queasiness should turn on the red light. Special care should be taken by pregnant women. In any case you are in doubt consult the physician who knows your medical history.

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