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Benefits of olives, why eat olives?

The benefits of olives are numerous; far more than add-ons to dry martini

Happiness is.....finding two olives in your martini when you're hungry - Johnny Carson
Our society is composed of two classes; the upper class eat their olives with martini, the lower class eat their olives with onion in a pita bread – Israeli popular joke

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Olives are the fruit of the Olea Europaea

olives on a branchThe olive tree (Olea Europaea) blooms during the months March/April (in the northern hemisphere). The pollens are small and hide between the tree green-silver leaves. Small olives start to show up as early as May, and they grow steadily until they get to full size in October. Harvest starts in October and usually ends in December. During early harvest, olives that are not fully ripe are picked (for most varietals their color is green). The fully ripe olives are picked later in the season (for most varietals their color is black). It is not uncommon to find in the Autumn season olives' spectrum of  colors ranging from green through dark to black. About 85% of the harvest yield is used to extract olive oil, while the rest is used to cure olives and made them edible. Because of the intrinsic bitterness of olives, the fruit is not edible in its raw form. There are hundreds of types of cured olives on market shelves, depending on the ripeness of the fruit, its varietal, and the curing methods.olive trees The most popular curing methods in the US are in brine, in lye and in water. Black olives can also be cured in salt (dry cure). Salty olives match well with bier; pairing with martini was already mentioned. The history of martini is somewhat obscure but many believe it has to do with Martinez, California in the 1860s, where the cocktail was first prepared in exchange for a gold nugget. There is no controversy though that martini is a mixture of gin and vermouth, garnished with an olive (some bartenders add vodka).

Homemade cured olives

To cure olives you need to have olives, either from your orchard or bought out from olive farmers. You need to have a recipe, or to buy a book on olive curing. Practically, there are tons of methods to cure olives. You need to have patience and a spirit of adventure to try and err, try and improve.

Benefits of Olives

Olives are tasty, an excellent supplement to green salad, Greek salad (black olives) and to pasta. As I already mentioned, salty olives are great with bier.

Olive have great value in maintain good health and they have therapeutic value. Cured olives share many of the olive oil health benefits. Naturally, the consumer has more control on the authenticity of olives than he or she has on the authenticity of olive oil. 

Not everyone can take the recommended daily ration of two tablespoons of olive oil, however most people can take in 5 to 10 cured olives every day easily.

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